Complex Systems Chemistry Graduate School
at the University of Strasbourg

A school created by an exceptional research community

Over the past two decades, researchers in Strasbourg have been at the cutting-edge in the emerging field known as the Complex Systems Chemistry (CSC). Under the guidance of Nobel Laureate Jean-Marie Lehn, they are using the framework of supramolecular chemistry, to enable far-reaching developments in more complex systems with emerging function. This trend will only build momentum in the 21st century and is leveraged on the integration of molecular units incorporating information, capable of expressing a specific property and performing well-defined tasks. In 2018, the CSC research school was created by this exceptional research community to train future leaders in chemistry.

Master of Science with direct access to PhD
and financial support
2-year: MSc scholarships
3-year: PhD fellowships

Inspiring international research environment with 4 active Nobel Prize laureates in chemistry in Strasbourg

Direct access to the PhD program for successful MSc students

Practical training
in research laboratories with state of the art equipment

English as the only teaching language.

Our mission : to educate a new generation of chemistry leaders

The school prepares an international generation of researchers to use Complex Systems Chemistry as a tool for innovation (in industry and academia) in key areas : functional materials, green chemistry, energy, sustainable development and health.

We reach our goal operating on three axes:
1) providing high-level fundamental course in chemistry, balancing the traditional pillars of chemistry and complementing them with advanced courses on topics such as systems chemistry, lab-on-a-chip, and non-equilibrium systems, among others
2) offering multiple practical trainings with state-of-the-art equipment in research laboratories
3) training our students to enhance their leadership, soft skills, and their ability to understand industrial issues.

Meet our students

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